About the project

The Support Center for the Intergration of Foreigners in the Ústecký Region (hereafter „Foreigners‘ Center“) is financially supported by the The European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, and opened to the public in April 2009.

„The Support Center for the Integration of Foreigners “ in the Ústecký region opened on 1st April, 2009, and is supported by the civic association Poradna pro integraci, o.s. (www.p-p-i.cz).

Goals of the Foreigners‘ Center

  • We, at the Foreigners‘ Center, offer long-term support for the integration of foreigners.  Our center provides social help, legal advice, language courses and cultural guidance to foreigners in the Ústecký region.  The Foreigners‘ Center aims to solve problems common for foreigners. We offer guidance to foreigners with questions concerning regional and local government structures, the activities of the foreign police, taxation and trade licensing.  Our institution serves as an effective intermediary, helping the flow of communication and offering suggestions regarding issues that foreigners living in the Czech Republic must face.   
  • The Foreigners‘ Center strives to integrate foreigners into all aspect of Czech life and hopes to improve their social, legal, linguistic and cultural experiences.  The Center deeply believes in the cultural and historical uniqueness of each individual and society.  We hope to foster an environment based on mutual respect and tolerance for all foreigners within the Czech Republic.
  • A wide array of services help fulfill the mission of the Foreigners‘ Center.  Clients in the region are encouraged to attend social and legal counseling sessions, take Czech language classes and enjoy the various activities offered at our institution

The target group

Our Center targets third-country nationals who have legal residency within the territory of any EU member statue under law 326/1999 coll. (The target group of our Center does not include individuals who are citizens of European Union countries or citizens of third-party countries who, either: have applied for international protection, possess an undecided claim, have the status of a refugee under international law or have the status of the subsidiary protection.)

Project Parters

The Regional Authority of the Ústí region, the Statutory Town of Ústí nad Labem, the Regional Directorate of the Foreign Police in Ústí nad Labem, Kurdish civic associations in the Czech Republic, the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic and the Litoměřice Diocese Charity have partnered with our Center on various projects.

Poradna pro integraci
Barevná planeta

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