Legal counseling

The legal counseling we offer advocates human rights protection, fights against individual discrimination and extends to all areas of the law.   Predominantly, our legal support focuses on problems concerning the legal norms regarding foreigners and provides assistance throughout the course of legal proceedings.

Legal counseling services include:

  • Consultation the foreigner law (i.e. the conditions and requisities particular claims according tolaw  the stay of foreigners, amily eunification, Foreig Police)
  • Inform on legal system in the Czech Republic (i.e. the rights and duties with regards to the labour-law relations, tenancy rights and obligations, marriage  divorce)
  • Help with other administrative procedure
  • rotection ofhuman rights, especially the rights of et and national minorities,
  • Infor on conditions for granting of Czech citizenship, assistance
  • Consultdocuments issued by foreign law courts and authorities
  • Educational lecture

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