Social counseling

Social counseling aims to secure social independence and social safety for each foreigner. It focuses on protecting, supporting and restoring the social status of each individual.

Social counseling helps prevent negative social events and allows those involved gain the self-confidence and awareness to suceed in their new social environment.

Selected social counseling services will:

  • Help foreigners manage residencey permits
  • Give information on the welfare system in the Czech Republic  
  • Help foreigners manage the social benefits and social services
  • Aid in the communication with local authorities and local self-government.
  • Assist with job searches and mediate information concerning career opportunities and business success 
  • Assist in the search for proper housing and solve problems associated with housing
  • Help identify professional qualifications
  • Help arrange health insurance and health care
  • Assist foreigners fill out forms
  • Supply basic psychosocial help

The Foreigners‘ Center provides two kinds of counseling

  • Field counseling (which includes visits to the client’s home or accompanying the client to authorities, etc.)
  • Ambulant services  (in the Foreigners Center)

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